Each year, we are delighted to welcome new industry experts, dedicating their support to help applicants tackle impactful agrifood challenges. Our pride swells as we now boast a remarkable lineup of over 200 experts, whose collective knowledge and commitment enrich our initiative.

Julian Lampietti
Farm Credibly
Varun Baker | Enterprise Architect

Call me a tech guru, problem solver and digital architect. With 18+ years in enterprise-level industry experience, I’m passionate about business communications, operational management, and cutting-edge software engineering. My expertise lies in designing web services and website architectures based on open standards.

Jacqueline Pieters - Zetsma
KM Zero
Beatriz Jacoste Lozano | Director

Beatriz is driven by a passion for creating a delicious and resilient food future for all. At KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub, her mission is to assist startups, corporations, institutions, and people operating in the food system to become future-proof through investment, partnerships, strategy, and the Fooduristic multimedia platform.

Kyriacos Koupparis
Rabobank Partnerships
Tom Gruintjes  | Full Stack Digital Innovator

Via Rabo Partnerships Tom builds inclusive finance in emerging markets. He is a full stack digital innovator and ionic developer expert. You can wake him up for any tech conversation.

Julian Lampietti
Edible Planet Ventures
Sharon Cittone | Founder

Sharon Cittone is G100 Global Chair 4 Food Innovation, Food Tech Junkies Podcast Host, Board Member, Mentor and Advisor. She has been at the forefront of building and growing the global food and agritech ecosystem for the better part of a decade. She is recognized as one of the women changing our food system by both Forbes and Food Tank.

Jacqueline Pieters - Zetsma
New York University
Daniel Obermeyer | Postdoctoral Research Scholar

After finishing his PhD at the Technical University of Munich he accepted the senior research position at New York University. His field of study is the potential of blockchain technology to disrupt established digital platform models. He has found a startup and led 180DC Munich eV, and has hands-on experience as an agile coach and coding in python and solidity.

Kyriacos Koupparis
Wageningen University & Research
Sjaak Wolfert | Ambassador Digital Innovation in Agri-Food

Sjaak is Senior Scientist and Theme Ambassador on ‘Digital Innovation for Sustainable Food Systems’ at Wageningen University & Research. He is scientific coordinator of projects such as the Internet of Food and Farm 2020, SmartAgriHubs and DATA4FOOD2030, president of the European Federation of ICT in Agriculture (EFITA), author of numerous scientific papers and a regular speaker at international conferences.

Julian Lampietti
Omine Action
Lise Colyer | Founder

Editorial director, marketing and communications leader with an exceptional background in the corporate, government and charity sectors. Former news journalist on UK nationals. Via my role at Omni action I bring experts and activists together to create a unified global framework measuring and monitoring the social, environmental and nutritional impacts of the food system, namely across: Labour rights, Land sovereignty, Environmental impact, Nutrition and Food safety.

Jacqueline Pieters - Zetsma
Games Forest Club
Pavlos Georgiadis | Head of Ecosystem Restoration

International researcher, consultant and knowledge broker with 15+ years of experience across the public, private and civil society sectors in 20+ countries. Supporting sustainability champions and visionary teams who need strong scientific, project management and fieldwork capacity to deliver robust food systems, climate and biodiversity strategies. Curious about novel applications of open data, blockchains and game mechanics to Nature-Based Solutions.

Kyriacos Koupparis
Vegan Food Law
Mathilde Do Chi | International Markets

Mathilde Do Chi is a food law consultant specialized in international alternative protein regulations. Before becoming an independent consultant, she worked across the board both in the public and private sectors, namely for law firms, an IP consultancy, the FAO of the UN, the French and Japanese governments, vegan certification organisations, a food multinational (ADM), and a public affairs consultancy.

Julian Lampietti
The New Paradigm
Danny Hoekzema | Founder, Attorney-at-law

Danny is a seasoned specialist in a range of legal domains. As trusted advisor, he advises organisations on legal strategy, commercial contracting and European data protection regulations, among other things. His central objective is to establish empowering legal structures for post-growth and socially and sustainability driven entrepreneurship.

Julian Lampietti
Mandla Nkomo | Chief Growth Officer

Mandla has over 20 years’ experience in the agrifood sector working with and within start-ups and managing agricultural development programs that promote inclusive and sustainable value chains. In the last few years, a lot of that work has focused on unlocking the promise of digital technologies and science to unleash the potential within the sector.

Tayfun Expert OFC Accelerator
17 Sustainability & Consultancy Services
Tayfun Bahsi | Founder

He’s skilled in sustainable finance, agri-value chain, and consultancy. His leadership in multi-actor projects shines, backed by business development acumen and a focus on purposeful investing. His passion for digitalization and exceptional communication align him with the future of sustainability, ready to meet ambitious targets in a rapidly changing business world.

Alia Badreldin
TBS Ventures
Alia Badreldin | Managing partner – Digital Transformation

Alia brings 20 years of Digital Transformation experience, having advised companies of all sizes – from ideas, startups , governments and multinationals. Now laser focused on growing AgriFoodTech startups. Alia brings a fresh and mature perspective centered around the customer experience in digital product development.

Julian Lampietti
Sprezzatura Advisors
Anas BaChar | Founder

Anas is a big believer in the Africa and the Middle-East economic integration & endless synergies. He is actively leading the effort, from the UAE, in the Regenerative Ag, AgriFoodTech & Agri-businesses’ sectors. He is witnessing a solid trend for the UAE – the hub of the MEASA region – to become the number one “manufactory” for AgriFoodTech.

Julian Lampietti
T.S Amjath-Babu | Agricultural Economist

Dr.T.S Amjath-Babu is an agricultural economist with 15 years of experience in the climate-agriculture-development thematic area. His recent focus is on pioneering digital climate services and their innovative business models. With a passion for fostering sustainable solutions, he collaborates with technology partners to tackle climate adaptation and mitigation challenges across the entire value chain of crops, livestock and aquaculture.