Cohort 2022

Blockchain adoption in Dutch short supply chains


Damien, a chef with 25 years experience, joined our 2022 cohort. Damien noticed that provenance of ingredients is becoming more important to the consumer, at the same time as supply chains have become more complex and food fraud is at an all time high. He created a solution that would solve both issues: ChefChain. A blockchain for chefs that specialise in connecting local & agri-food data to chef’s recipes. With ChefChain, customers can make informed choices by scanning a QR code and seeing the total journey of their food, from farm to fork.

Damien Taylor

Founder | ChefChain


Get the target audience to adopt ChefChain

Problem statement

How can we trigger farmers, chefs and consumers of restaurants to use the ChefChain? Which parameters do we have to use in order to trigger these stakeholders and how do we make sure all levels of products are using ChefChain?


Have 1 million farmers, chefs and consumers of restaurants using ChefChain.


Chef’s and restaurants need to know that there is a solution that gives them power to make a choice on what they buy. But also to see local alternatives and make better choices for their customers. Farmers will have a new way to find customers and consumers will be able to see what they are eating. So, the solution is market adoption.

Validated idea

Connect stakeholders by primary data

Chefs, farmers and consumers need to know that there is a solution that gives them clarity to make a choice based on primary data on what they buy and produce without certification. Chefs, farmers and consumers are connected by primary data, which is based on transparency and is demand-driven.

Examples of primary data:

  • Food km
  • Nutrition parameters (kcal)
  • Origin of product
  • Feedback function for consumers to farmers – CO2 footprint
Want to learn more?

Check out  the full implementation roadmap for this validated idea to get inspired.