Cohort 2021

Empowering smallholder farmers


NFP connects people and supports agri-food initiatives to make food systems more economically, socially and environmentally viable. The objective of this case was to translate the call to action of empowering smallholders through strengthened digital ecosystems into a concrete plan and get commitments to that plan.

Myrtille Danse

Executive director| NFP


Empower smallholders through strenghtened digital ecosystems

Problem statement

Despite significant investments in smallholder digitization, uptake of digital solutions is still low. How can this be pushed to create positive impact in developing countries?


By 2030, comprehensive digital services and platforms serving and used productively and profitably by 50 million smallholders.

The concrete plan

Seven organizations, including NFP, Rabobank, Syngenta, WFO, IFAD, CARE, and IDH, have agreed to a call to action titled “Empowering Smallholders through Digital Ecosystems.” They will form a coalition to develop design principles for digitization for smallholder farmers, evaluate these principles in selected countries, and create improvement plans for smallholder farmer digitization in these chosen countries while enhancing the design principles.

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