Cohort 2021

Regenerative aquaculture


NuAgua is a water treatment technology for circular economy projects. Specialized in Aquaculture, Algae and IMTA. The theme of this case was regenerative aquaculture. The shrimp industry provides one of the greatest opportunities in terms of environmental and social impacts as well as significant returns on investment. Hardly the 3 can be achieved together, making this opportunity unique. This is not said lightly. 

Hector Nava

Co-founder | NuAgua


Enable better local food sourcing 

Problem statement

On top of the chain, we have consumers demanding traceable and fresh, never frozen, shrimp. Especially after the mangrove clearing, antibiotics and slavery scandal. Supermarkets today have no way to offer an alternative. Shrimp cannot be produced in Europe or the USA at scale because it requires consistent hot water to grow. The supply chain is an unfair mess where few middlemen extract most of the profits. If we want to continue to see shrimp in supermarkets and on menus, changes need to happen.


Create in coming 3 years traceability from inputs to farm and from farm to table, powered with a digital trust and decentralised traceability solution for the shrimp supply chain.

Validated idea

A blockchain-based traceable shrimp

Next steps are to build a prototype aligned with an already ongoing project and raise funding with a interested consortium of stakeholders. The first prototype is for a simple use (1 value chain in 1 region within 1 country). The use case will be with a set data with the follwing risk indicators: composite of production, socio-economic & sensed data.

Want to learn more?

Check out  the full implementation roadmap for this case to get inspired.