Cohort 2021

Resilient regional food systems


Two companies joined the acceletor for this case. Flevofood, a network association of and for food companies in Flevoland.And Voedselverbindt, an engaging platform that provides an overview of relevant Agri & Food initiatives, developments, projects, and parties from the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam and surrounding agricultural areas.

The theme of this case was connecting farmers to urban consumers. Dutch consumers prioritize price over quality in food purchases, leading to 80% of food production being exported. The key price influencers are logistics, packaging, and food quality. Key questions include how to efficiently bring local food to cities, share food origin stories, and connect urban consumers with local farmers and producers.

Carlo Verhart

Program Manager | Voedsel Verbindt


Enable better local food sourcing 

Problem statement

How can we enable consumers to source enough food from the local food system to get to the tipping point and create an economy of scale to reach a farm-to-home system? Taking into account: Logistics (packaging & volume), delivery pricing; Connection between farmer and consumer; Market needs (fast, easy and prices).


The ambition of this project is that in 2030, 25% of all food is sourced from the local food system. At the moment it’s only 7%.

Want to learn more?

Check out  the full implementation roadmap for this case to get inspired.