Cohort 2021

Scaling autonomous and reliable cacao


The objective of Helvetas, is to help create a fairer world in which the basic needs of all men and women are satisfied and human rights are protected. With our increased consumption habits, our world’s tropical ecosystems face enormous pressure against an unstoppable agricultural frontier. The sustainable production of cocoa, under agroforestry systems, could play a key role for environmental conservation in areas under high logging pressure and traditional agriculture. End consumers and chocolate manufacturers could shift the balance by demanding deforestation free products and commodities. We need to create a fair and sustainable supply chain.

Simone Ranzijn

Project Director | Helvetas


Provide an innovative scalable technology to track all cacao from its origin


Problem statement

In the Aspuzana valley, located in the surroundings of the Cordillera Azul National Park in Perú, CIMA promotes the production of sustainable commodities as a strategy to reduce deforestation and improve the livelihoods of local communities. In this highly productive region, many cocoa farmers could improve on sustainability claims but have no incentives to do so, as their cacao finally ends up in the market mixed with unsustainable product. So, how can we track this cocoa to the end consumer and communicate a sustainability claim along the whole supply chain?


In 2030, all cocoa is tracked, leading to a profitable sustainable supply chain. Our ambition is centered at being able to provide an innovative scalable technology to track all cacao from its origin, providing end consumers and chocolate manufacturers a solution for a profitable and sustainable supply chain.

Validated idea

Open Cacao Chain

In 2022, we will have piloted a scalable technological solution to follow and communicate attributes of cacao from Aspuzana, Peru to the end consumer.

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