Cohort 2021

Supermarket of the future


Floriade, a horticulture exhibition, and Flevocampus, a research institute for rethinking the food system, joined forces and our accelerator, to find a way to give consumer more power in their food decisions.

Femke Mosch

Lead Research and Innovation | Flevocampus


Empower consumers to make conscious buying decisions


Problem statement

According to Dutch Research (WUR/VU/UU) 80% of supermarkets promote unhealthy food products and according to Deloitte 96% of EU consumers do not trust their supermarkets. We are sure that blockchain will be introduced in many food chains, from potato till chocolate. In this track we focus not on the chain, but on the consumer. How can the blockchain system help the consumer while collecting his groceries?


By 2025, consumers are empowered and able to make conscious and informed buying decisions about food at their virtual and or physical supermarkets, and are able to contribute, influence and impact product offering in supermarkets through blockchain technology.

Validated idea

Supermarket of the future

We will start with an active coalition of relevant actors (i.e. adequate representation) which is able to showcase at various key stages along the value chain what is possible to meet specific standards whilst being cost-effective in response to the different market values.

Want to learn more?

Check out  the full implementation roadmap for this validated idea to get inspired.