Cohort 2021

Transparent egg supply chain


Gijsbert Bos is the entrepreneur of smoked eggs, a fresh egg with a unique subtle smokey flavour and a longer shelf life.  He worked in several countries in the Hospitality and Food & Beverage branches and discovered smoked eggs in Australia. He would like to expand smoked eggs in the Netherlands under his own branding. He is looking at how to increase his production and the market for the brand Smoked Eggs. In the Netherlands, 3.5 billion eggs are consumed annually, with each person eating 210 eggs per year. This consumption is on the rise due to growing health awareness. However, the egg market lacks transparency in terms of production and profit distribution. It’s time to enhance transparency in the egg supply chain.

Gijsbert Bos

Co-founder | Smoked eggs


Enable better local food sourcing 

Problem statement

Consumers are not aware of what happens in the egg supply chain and the margins are not distributed fairly, because there is a lack of transparency. Therefore, sustainable and unique poultry farm concepts are less visible and hard to understand and find for the consumer.


100% of the eggs sold in the Netherlands in 2030, are transparent via a fair supply chain tech system, which means transparent in production and margins.

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