Cohort 2021

Coffee surveillance network


Smallholder coffee farmers are the least resilient link in the supply chain but the most impacted by shocks. Data collection to better understand and anticipate risks at the farm level is fragmented between various actors and stored in data silos with a lack of interoperability. Therefore, most of the collected data is underutilized. Though all actors realize the importance of bringing diverse data resources together to understand risks better and innovate around new information services, what hinders data sharing is technical and governance issues surrounding data interoperability, data privacy, trust, and competitiveness.



Coffee Risk Surveillance Network exists where data-sharing between all supply-chain actors is underwritten by blockchain technology and risk indicators are calculated from established metrics from coffee research. Location specific risk alerts and insights can be used by all stakeholders to better plan supply chain activities, deliver data-driven targeted farmer services and inform due diligence.



An innovative data-sharing network-tool where actors and data providers are connected to a safe, secure, and decentralized network where trustworthy and incorruptible transactions of data-assets can be carried out efficiently without the need to expose the data on the network. This seeks to address barriers to data sharing as well as data ownership and privacy issues.


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