Scaling autonomous and reliable cacao

Simone Ransijn

Track owner


Our problem statement was initially formulated around only the use of blockchain technology. However, after fruitful discussions during StrikeTwo, we opted for the possibility of including multiple tech solutions since the combination of technologies could actually help us achieve the best results.


With our increased consumption habits, our world’s tropical ecosystems face enormous pressure against an unstoppable agricultural frontier. The sustainable production of cocoa under agroforestry systems could play a key role in environmental conservation in areas under high logging pressure and traditional agriculture. End consumers and chocolate manufacturers could shift the balance by demanding deforestation-free products and commodities. Hence, our 2030 ambition is centered at being able to provide an innovative scalable technology to track all cacao from its origin, providing end consumers and chocolate manufacturers a solution for a profitable and sustainable supply chain.


In order to achieve the 2022 ambition “In 2022 we have piloted a scalable technological solution to follow and communicate attributes of cacao from Aspuzana from Peru to the end consumer”, the ambition has been split up and quarterly goals have been created. To get clarity on how to achieve the quarterly goals, milestones have been provided by the methodology.

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