Cohort 2022

Create nutritious vegan fish


The idea of the Vegan Sushi bar sprouted from a heartfelt desire to cater to a family member’s dietary needs, allowing them to enjoy sushi once again. Unfortunately, this loved one developed a fish intolerance, making it impossible to partake in the cherished sushi family gatherings.

Driven by compassion and determination, Veronique and David delved into extensive research and experimentation, leading them to establish their very first Vegan Sushi bar restaurant. In 2022 they wanted to serve more than just vegan sushi, they also wanted this sushi to be nutritious, which is why they participated in the OFC accelerator program later that year.

David Leijgraaff


Create nutritious plant-based fish that taste and feel like regular fish.

Problem statement

How can we create a plant-based fish end-product with similar nutritional value (and improved sustainability) to regular fish, that’s ready for consumers to buy?


In 2030, fish replacement products will have a healthy and luxurious image, providing a healthier and more sustainable alternative for both consumers and producers and account for at least 35% of the total global fish consumption.


Create a plant-based fish with the same taste, texture and nutritional value as regular fish in one product. 

Validated idea

Vegan Sushi Bar

Vegan Sushi Bar wants to bring together an expert consortium to look at existing and future information on plant-based fish in order to create a nutritious and tasty fish product and communicate the nutrition information to consumers.

    Download the roadmap

    Check out  the full implementation roadmap for this validated idea to get inspired.