Cohort 2022

Enable diaspora investments into African farming


Ferme Ardhi is a unique venture founded by five Dutch people with roots in Burundi and Congo, brought together by a shared vision of transforming African farming through diaspora investments. With this ambition in mind they started with a bold step: purchasing land in Congo.

Through dedication and collaboration they established their own farm, embracing local knowledge and practices to ensure operations are not just successful but deeply rooted in the local communities they serve. Beyond their farm, they are proud to partner with smallholder farmers, sharing expertise and resources to uplift their livelihoods.

Max Bukuru

Ferme Ardhi


Make the farming investment process profitable and transparent for everyone

Problem statement

In what ways can agriculture and investing be combined and how can we make it transparent and profitable for the investors and the local community?


By 2030, Ferme Ardhi will have improved the health of the locals by farming food that was missing, by research and education backed by African diaspora investments.


An app that allows easy tracking of investments, including transparency of investments, possibly via blockchain.

Validated idea

A transparent, compliant and accessible investment app that brings local positive impact.

Create an app allowing the African diaspora and friends of Africa to invest in the local farming process. The app will be fair, transparent, direct, and socially responsible.

By using the app, you will be able to see the local teams, the local impact, and the revenue from the harvests. These investments are not only used for procuring and managing land, supporting farmers and market vendors, but also for improving local infrastructure, improving working conditions, and forming partnerships with educational institutions.

The investments will always be accompanied by multiple social projects as it will be displayed in the application. By using the current FermeArdhi farm as a proof-of-concept starting with 17 acres, we plan to grow to 50 acres now.

    Download the roadmap

    Check out  the full implementation roadmap for this validated idea to get inspired.