Cohort 2022

Tokenized regenerative farming financing


Frank, the co-founder of Aesti Impact joined our accelerator twice. In 2021, he got a funding of over 1 million euros via our network. Aesti Impact engages in various ways, particularly by facilitating the purchase of ecosystem services. This appeals to companies, organizations, governments, and consumers seeking to offset their CO2 footprint or invest in water storage and biodiversity. Aesti actively supports such endeavors.

Frank Sloot

Aesti Impact


Blockchain (token) technology for more transparency in regenerative farming funding.

Problem statement

The current percentage of farmers using regenerative farming is roughly 5% and only 3% of climate change-mitigation funds is available to farmers to support their efforts. Investors lack information on the risks and progress of the transition.


Create full transparency of funding of the transition towards regenerative farming through the use of blockchain (token) technology. Realise growth in available funds for regenerative farming from 3 to 10% by 2026.


Create blockchain (token) technology to make make funds available for regenerative farming. Connecting farmers and investors throughout the process of the transition from regular farming to regenerative farming, providing support where and when required.

Validated idea

A platform that enables seamless, effective, and measurable agricultural investments for all stakeholders.

The created platform should facilitate: easy-to-collaborate, impactful and measurable investments for all stakeholders in agriculture, for superior and standardized returns. It should include: yields, ecosystem services, and land value increase and most important: including the cost of doing nothing, waiting for the land to be ready again.

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