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Go from idea to a validated business model with the help of industry experts. Our yearly cohort has 8 spots, claim yours.

The accelerator for agtech innovators

Are you in a start-up or corporation exploring a solution that tackles agrifood challenges? Via our tried-and-tested methodology, you will quickly turn your idea into a market-fit solution ready to launch.


We help you navigate uncertainties and pave your road to success

Avoid costly risks

Lack of clarity can lead to expensive consequences down the road. Through expert mentorship and workshops, we’ll work together to crystalize your idea, ensuring it aligns with market needs and trends.

Gain investor attention

Meet investors specialized in your field and get equipped with the skills needed to effectively pitch and sell your idea to them.

Accelerate your idea to market

Outrun the competition. Avoid the lenghty process of trial and error and benefit from the wisdom of seasoned advisors who can steer you in the right direction from day one.

Latest news

Onno Stienen

OFC Accelerator 2023 kicks-off on October 26

Before diving into the program, each participant and their respective expert group will first engage in a kick-off session. These sessions are not only about breaking the ice but also about understanding each other’s backgrounds and expertise.

Onno Stienen

Cohort 2023: Meet Onno Stienen

We’re thrilled to introduce Onno Stienen, a pioneer in Thailand’s organic food industry and the founder of B-Organic Asia. Onno joins our 2023 cohort with a mission to make the first product from his farm 100% traceable.

Supported by some of the best in the agtech space


Bar Rubin

Associate at the Rabo Food and Agri Innovation Fund (RFAIF), the Venture Capital arm of Rabobank Investments. RFAIF invests in early stage companies in the Food and AgTech space.


Sjaak Wolfert

Senior Scientist and Theme Ambassador on ‘Digital Innovation for Sustainable Food Systems’ at Wageningen University & Research.


Brian King

Head of Digital and Data Innovation Accelerator at CGIAR. Leader of the Platform for Big Data in Agriculture, a global program focused on the digital transformation of food systems.

Why we’re different

Getting market validation has never been easier

Tailored guidance

Not a one-size-fits-all approach. We curate our support and expertise to address your unique needs.

Fully online

You can experience the program and connect with global like-minded professionals at the convenience of your own space.

Unmatched network of experts

Gain access to a growing network of experts and investors within the agrifood, tech and business development space. Joining in-kind and intrinsically motivated to participate.

Proven methodology

Our program combines market validation, mentorship, and resources to create a comprehensive approach to nurturing and launching innovative ventures.

How it works

From fuzziness to clarity in no time


After your application is accepted, we start preparing you for the accelerator. We'll host a couple of brainstorming session to help you clarify your idea, problems you're solving, challenges, and expertise you need moving forward. 


The first two phases of the program are Pressure Cooker and Funding. You will spend 40 hours working with mentors and experts to transform your idea into a validated concept, create a concrete roadmap and secure funding.

Implementation mentorship

On the last phase of the program, you will start implementing your roadmap. We schedule monthly check-ins to review your progress, address any obstacles and connect you with the right expert to help you overcome them.

Success stories

“The OFC Accelerator helped us focus and trim our model. With the positive, critical feedback from the experts, we were able to reflect and move forward with our project.”

Damien Taylor

Founder, Chefchain

“The program helped us evolve our idea into a concrete plan. Impressive international experts and a professional moderator. We even found a mentor and a new partner!”

Guy Audibert Ntwari

Co-founder, Ferme Ardhi

“Very interesting to meet like-minded people! I received essential information from industry leaders. These new insights made me change my product.”

Gijsbert Bos

Founder, Smoked Eggs

Meet some of our graduates

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